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Power Upgrades
Powerful Diesel Tuning – Unlock the full potential of your diesel engine
A Diesel Tuning Box is an electronic device that plugs in to your diesel vehicle to release the full power and potential of your engine.
The result of this is an increase in power and torque – up to 35% more – as well as an improvement of up to 20% in MPG. Diesel Tuning boxes are suitable for all sorts of vehicles, from cars and vans to agricultural vehicles, with any size of engine. The program contained in each tuning box is specifically designed to work with the engine in your vehicle.
With simple plug and play operation, a diesel tuning box is the most effective upgrade for any modern diesel engine. They work by intercepting signals to the ECU, adjusting them, and then passing the new signal back to the ECU.
A wide range of parameters are adjusted, including the fuel/air mix, injection pressure, valve lift and valve timing.
The most common question we are asked about our diesel tuning boxes is why the manufacturers do not release the full power of the engine through the factory fitted ECU tuning chip. There are two reasons why we are able to provide such dramatic increases in power and efficiency.
The first is that manufacturers will design a single engine to be used in a variety of vehicles with different power outputs. The actual power obtained is largely controlled by the ECU, so by adjusting this we can obtain the performance of a higher specification model. You will often see this when a manufacturer releases a Sports or revised version of a vehicle – the same basic engine will be used, but is often able to provide a noticeable increase in power.
The second reason is that diesel engines are designed with a range of conditions and tolerances in mind. When a manufacturer sets the ECU, it has to cope with a wide range of conditions: fuel quality, altitude and level of maintenance among others. To allow for this, the ECU is set with very wide tolerances.
In the UK, altitude is rarely a problem, and fuel supply is consistent and of good quality. We can therefore allow the engine to release more power without compromising engine longevity.
The increased power has the add-on effect of improving MPG, as the engine is able to provide the same performance at lower RPM and without straining. The improvement in MPG is very much dependant on how you currently use the engine. The best improvements are seen when you were already using a lot of torque in the engine: while towing or hauling loads or when driving quickly. In these circumstances the increased power available allows you to get the same results, but using lower engine speed and less throttle.
The diesel tuning box will increase the power and torque available at all engine speeds, but the effects are often more noticeable at the lower end. This is where you need the most power for acceleration from standstill and overtaking at medium speeds.
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